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Database Marketing Practice as an additional capability for your marketing agency.

You might have been exposed to existing clients where the database marketing business was for grab or you knew that a database marketing approach could have been the winner for "gaining" a new client...But you do not have this expertise in-house. Working with Professor Jean Marc Rejaud could be your solution.

Professor Rejaud has more than 25 years of Database Marketing experience, 15 of those at American Express in France, in the UK and then in the US, where he held several senior Database Marketing Management positions.

Professor Rejaud has managed all aspects of Database Marketing from setting up Direct Marketing campaigns combining Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Email, etc. to refocusing a business line on its core target thanks to in-depth marketing analytics, leveraging information to help music promoters focus their promotion efforts on the right opportunities, building referral programs or launching new loyalty well as buiding multiple marketing databases.

Through his research and teaching, Professor Rejaud has gained substantial knowledge in Digital Marketing Analytics (SEM, SEO, Display Ad, Affiliate Marketing, Behavioral and Contextual Targeting, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps, Mobile Ads, Social Media Ad,etc.). Professor Rejaud is also a member of the Direct Marketing Association, participating to a certification program in Digital Analytics.

You might want to consider partnering with Professor Rejaud to propose some effective database marketing solutions to some of your existing clients, that will bring their business to the next level or for pitching some new clients.

Professor Rejaud will act in the capacity that you wish him to work in (as part of the team or behind the scene).

Professor Rejaud can help you deliver key database and direct marketing solutions to your clients and prospects:

  • Top market target(s) and opportunity/ies analysis
  • Promotional Plan development
  • Referral program conception, development and management (inc. database)
  • Direct & Digital Marketing campaigns planning, set up and management (inc. database)
    • Customers Acquisition
    • Cross & Up sell
  • Lead generations campaigns conception, development & management (inc. database)
  • Loyalty program conception, development and management

Interested in acquiring new business from your existing clients or gaining new clients with an additional Database Marketing expertise in your agency? Go to Contact or email or call 7184144662 for setting up an information-sharing appointment.