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Professor Rejaud has participated in many Marketing or Marketing-related conferences over the last several years and is available upon request for speaking, panel participations and/or presentations on key Marketing disciplines (Digital Marketing, Fashion & Luxury Marketing, Global Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Database Marketing and Marketing Planning).


Professor Rejaud presenting on Fashion Marketing at the 2014 Annual Marketing Conference Peru - Lima

Professor Rejaud is particularly focused on insuring that behind all the smoke of new online and mobile tools, the core principles of effective Marketing are still understood and respected.

Professor Rejaud already participated in the following conferences:

  • 2014 Luxury Marketing Seminars - ISCOM Paris
  • 2014 Luxury Marketing Seminars - INSEEC - Paris
  • 2014 Fashion Seminars - University of Trinidad and Tobago
  • 2014 Annual Marketing Conference - Lima Peru
  • 2012 Annual Direct Marketing Association conference
  • 2012 EduTech conference
  • 2012 National Retail Federation conference
  • 2011 Annual Promotion Marketing Association conference
  • 2011 EduTech conference
  • 2010 Institutional Effectiveness conference
  • 2010 Annual WOMMA conference
  • 2009 WOMMA Higher Education conference
  • 2004 Music 2.0 conference
  • 2004 Millenial Music conference
  • 2004 MECA Music conference
  • Etc.

Professor Rejaud speaking on Cloud Technology at 2012 EduTech

To inquire about Professor Rejaud availabilities for conferences, seminars or presentations, go to Contact or call 7184144662.