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As an institution, do you need to develop online courses as a way to satisfy a growing students' demand and expand your revenue streams BUT you do not have the experience and/or the resources and/or the internal structure to develop and teach those new courses?

Online Teaching is growing dramatically!
    30%+ of total students enrolments

Babson Survey Research Group 2012 - US Market

Professor Rejaud can help you develop and teach online courses, with a level of flexibility and cost control that no other solutions can provide.

 Stale economy sparks greater demand for online courses. More than 60% of private sector colleges see online course offerings in their future.

For your organization, developing new online courses with Professor Rejaud means that you will be able to satisfy an increasing demand for Higher Education and for flexible/ adaptable/ mobile teaching formats by an increasing body of students…And this, with the support of a Faculty and Marketing Practitioner fully experienced in online courses management.



For your students
, online courses developed and taught by Professor Rejaud provide a unique set of benefits:

  • Learning whenever and wherever they want (Thanks to the online format)

  • Access to expert knowledge in Marketing & Marketing Communications (Through Professor Rejaud's 25 years in Marketing at companies like American Express and through his Marketing Analytics, Digital & Database Marketing consulting agency)

  • An experienced teacher ( Professor Rejaud is a Marketing and Marketing Communications Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City in the US)

  • A unique learning experience (With a proven modules-based structure and the integration of powerful interactive tools…allowing a learning experience that is very effective)

  • An international exposure (Professor Rejaud is French, based in the US and has worked abroad for the last 17 years).

Professor Rejaud is a certified online course developer and teacher, by the State University of New York, with proficiency in many LMS platforms as well as all major Courses production and publishing programs. He has taught and developed numerous blended/fully online courses over the last few years and many (if not all possible) marketing or business courses.

Click on the image below to experience an online video lecture on Sales Promotion and Marketing (with integrated quizzes) by Professor Rejaud.

Finally, Professor Rejaud has developed a proven online courses development methodology (based on online teaching best practices, interactivity, full students involvement and neuroscience-based tools) for:

  • Business case development
  • Courses structure-flow, content development & related information sources gathering
  • Courses creation, production & publishing
  • Courses delivery and teaching

Click below to download case studies for online courses developed and taught by Professor Rejaud

Case Study I

Case Study II

Ultimately, this is what Online Classes students say about Professor Rejaud's approach to online teaching and learning:

“Great class ... lots to learn”

“The class is structured in a way where all students should succeed”

“I thought the class was very interesting, well paced”…”I have learned a lot”

“I'm thoroughly enjoying the course”…”Thanks for a rewarding semester!”

“The course is very complete. The Professor is always helpful and even makes the course entertaining.”

To contact Professor Rejaud for potential online courses development and/or teaching projects, go to Contact or email or call 7184144662 for setting up an information-sharing appointment.